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Trying to ensure that the entire society has access to the necessary digital information during the COVID-19 pandemic, SemanticBots team makes freely available the initiative COVID-19 chatbot to associations and organizations.

The system has been developed using the SayOBO platform, being accessible on multiple platforms and devices from the web page where it is installed. The virtual assistant includes queries related to symptoms, hygiene measures, labour measures and social rights, as well as other measures derived from the alarm situation caused by the coronavirus.

The answers and the knowledge base held by the chatbot come from official national, regional and international sources, in addition to other organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), scientific articles and verified digital information.

To provide high coverage to associations and organizations, the chatbot is continuously being updated, including information and responses related to COVID-19 that are transmitted to us by associations, organizations and society.

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What is an accessible chatbot?

A chatbot or personal assistant is a system that automates repetitive tasks which require direct interaction with people through natural language. Chatbots may operate on different devices and can be used in digital channels or messaging apps with which we communicate daily.

Furthermore, it facilitates the access to information and digital dealings to people with physical disabilities. For this reason, we design chat and voice intelligent systems, we implement development programmes as well as drive constant tests and innovations which improve interactions between people and organizations.


“When you see our logo or talk to OBO, you know that you are using a system developed with the purpose of enabling accessibility to everybody.”


Our chatbot is permanently at the service of people, organizations and enterprises, attending to a great number of users simultaneously. Therefore, it helps internal staff to support the customer relationships, avoiding long waits for the most common inquiries or repetitive tasks management.

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